We have released MetaR 1.1.5. This release includes polishing fixes for minor problems we encountered during  training sessions. A couple of noteworthy features are included:

  • Execution of analyses now produce an output that links back to the statement in the editor. For instance, when you run the workshop tutorial, you will see the following in the run console:








Clicking on one of these blue links will highlight the statement that was executed in the editor.

  • Improved scope for Tables, Columns and Group Usages. Better restrict visible nodes to current model and context.
  • Scripts now take advantage of R’s tryCatch capabilities to better link warnings and errors to the source Analysis. You will also see a hyperlink, immediately before the warning or error message produced by the R code.
  • Statements that write to a file (render and write table) have been refactored for more consistent user experience. This code refactoring means that you should apply a migration if you developed analyses with a previous version of MetaR. Migrations are completely automatic, but you need to invoke them manually. In this case,
  1. Right-click on the model that you want to migrate,
  2. Select Scripts > Enhancements > MetaR: Migrate Output Filenames.
  3. A preview of nodes affected by the migration will be displayed.
  4. Click ‘Apply Migrations’

You can also invoke migrations one node at a time if you wish to do so. Nodes that require migration will show a special kind of intention. Running the “MetaR: Migrate Output Filenames” intention will migrate the node.

See the detailed Change Log for a complete list of changes included in MetaR 1.1.5.