We have released MetaR 1.3.1. This version is a major upgrade from MetaR 1.2. Here’s a list of improvements in this version:

  • MetaR is now compatible with MPS 3.2. You will find that the editor is more responsive than in MPS 3.1.
  • Installation and migration instructions have been updated: you can now directly install MetaR from the Jetbrains Plugin Repository (no need for Cygwin installation on Windows, users get notifications for new versions when they open MPS).
  • Support for Limma Voom (for RNA-Seq data analysis with the popular Limma package),
  • Support for continuous covariates in linear models (EdgeR and Limma).
  • Table Viewer Tool to view data in intermediate tables,
  • Support for Venn Diagrams,
  • Docker integration, to run analyses in a controlled environment and prevent any possibility of failure during R package installations (this also removes the need to install R and XQuartz separately). We currently support this feature for Mac OS and Linux. Windows support will be offered when Kitematic is ported to Windows (expected sometime in June 2015).
  • A revised documentation booklet describe these new features.MetaR_Documentation_Booklet_What_s_new

We will hold a special training session to help you upgrade safely to MetaR 1.3.1 and MPS 3.2. The session will describe the new 1.3.1 features and explain how you can usethe Git source control system with MetaR to make backups of your analyses and/or share them with others (see online registration form). The first session will be April 17 2-3:30PM.