We have released MetaR 1.4.0. This release offers substantial new features, including:

  1. New Biomart language for MetaR. The query biomart statement provides a convenient way to query Biomart to retrieve data right from MetaR. The statement offers auto-completion for database and dataset names, as well as attributes and filters. The following snapshot illustrates retrieving information for a pre-defined gene list. The query biomart statement can also retrieve information for identifiers present in tables produced during analysis.


  1. Exposing R functions (from any package) as stubs and using them in analyses. This feature makes it possible to take advantage of any R package available in CRAN or Bioconductor and use functions defined in these packages inside MetaR. See documentation for details.


  1. Ability to refer columns from imported Tables when invoking R functions. When using R functions inside MetaR, this feature gives you the ability to refer to columns visible in the current MetaR Analysis and use them as function values.
  2. Documentation: we have written new chapters to describe Simulating Dataset, using Biomart and Functions in MetaR (the documentation booklet now has 108 pages in the tablet edition).

You can obtain MetaR 1.4.0 from the Jetbrains MPS plugin repository when it clears moderation, or directly as a ZIP file from ourdownload plugins page. Note that starting with 1.4.0, MetaR requires the ANTLR plugin, which it uses to support pasting of R code when using R functions.