We have released MetaR 1.8.1. This release has three features:

  1. It enables automatic refresh of images when the content of the image changes. In previous versions of MetaR, you had to click on Hide preview/Preview to refresh multiplots, and had to move the cursor away from a plot and back on it to refresh an inspector plot preview. This feature automatically refreshes the display of images when their content is changed. For the automatic refresh to work, you need to add the RESULTS_R directory as a default model root for the solutions where you develop models. This will enable MPS to monitor the files under the directory and will trigger refreshes of the images when the file content changes.
  2. We have updated image rendering to work nicely when you publish nodes to Circles (more on this in a future post).
  3. It provides a preview table statement, which shows the content of some columns and rows. This statement was developed by Alexander Pann, who joined the lab last week for a summer internship (Alexander knew MPS before joining the lab). Here’s what the feature does: