We have released MetaR 1.9. This release offers a draft instant refresh feature. This feature was developed by Alexander Pann during the start of his summer internship in the lab. The following animated GIF illustrates how it works:


As you can see in the animation, instant refresh monitors changes in analyses and triggers the execution of the analysis to refresh the content of files produced by an analysis. In this example, we import a table, preview it, rearrange columns b dropping columns with group “ignore”, and preview the result. Finally, we move the LPS columns first. Observe that the previews are refreshed after a few seconds. This feature should work for table previews and plots (i.e., multiplot previews). It is an early release and we expect to improve the speed of the refresh and overall stability. See the new Jupyter Preferences and tool for details. Stop the container to disable instant refresh.

See the Change Log for details about this release. As usual, you can download it from the JetBrains MPS plugin repository (within MPS choose Preferences>Plugin and locate the MetaR plugin to upgrade or install).