We are finishing a release of NextflowWorkbench (NW) that will support running workflows in the cloud. In practice, this means that NW will:

  • Help you provision a cluster on Google Cloud Platform (we may support other clouds in the future).
  • Submitting to the cluster running in the cloud to execute workflows there. We will use this feature in training sessions to make it possible to run workflows from older laptops that don’t have enough memory to run the most recent tools (e.g., Kallisto, Salmon).

Here’s a preview of what these new features will look like:

Provisioning a cluster:

The person who creates the cluster needs a laptop that can run docker, creating the cluster will be quite simple:



After following these instructions, you will see:


If you’ve created a cluster to use in a training session, you can paste public keys for each trainee into the MPS editor and press `Grant Access’ to give each trainee remote access to the cluster.

Running Workflows in the Cloud:

The `List nodes’ button will show the information needed to configure workflow submission in the workbench (e.g., IP address of the front-end and user name). Each trainee needs to configure these attributes in the same way that they would to run on a lab cluster:


With this configuration, workflows can be run in the cloud:


You should expect release 1.5 within a week or so.