MPS_Book-Cover-Volume1-smallThe MPS Language Workbench: Volume I. The first volume of the series is both a thorough introduction to the Jetbrains MPS language workbench, and a complete reference manual. At this time, you can buy the ebook via the following vendors: [Google Play] [Google Books] [Amazon]. The first two chapters of the book are free on [Gumroad]. Google Books offers limited previews of the book.

June 2014: the print edition is now ready (current up to MPS 3.1). See below for a preview of the physical book. Available for sale at [CreateSpace] [Amazon: US Germany UK Spain Italy France ].

Please let us know your feedback or if you find any typos or problem with the errata form. You will help us improve the next edition of the book and may win a print edition when it becomes available. See form for details.