MPS_Book-Cover-Volume1-small The MPS Language Workbench: Volume I. The first volume of the series is both a thorough introduction to the Jetbrains MPS language workbench, and a complete reference manual. At this time, you can buy the ebook via the following vendors: [Google Play] [Google Books] [Amazon]. Google Books offers limited previews of the book.Download the first few chapters for free here:Books_-_Campagne_Laboratory



The print edition is available and current up to MPS 3.2. See below for a preview of the physical book. Available for sale at [CreateSpace] [Amazon: US Germany UK Spain Italy France ].

You may let us know your feedback or if you find any typos or problem with the errata form. You will help us improve the next edition of the book and may win a print edition when it becomes available. See form for details.

Selected Reviews

e-book edition on Google Play

Great reference book for beginners I am a long-term Intellij Idea user and since I first heard about the relatively new MPS Language Workbench, I wanted to explore it and see its use cases. JetBrains provides some basic documentation about the tool, but it is far from being complete especially if you seriously consider adopting this framework in your workflow/pipeline. To this end, this book addresses a huge documentation gap and provides information about MPS basics with tutorial-like examples. Often times, the text is accompanied with screenshots that have step-by-step annotation on them, which is really helpful for reproducing the steps mentioned in the book. If you have really little or no experience with the JetBrains development environment, this book will definitely serve you well. For those of you who have been developing softwares with JetBrains tools, it is still a good book to get to know the new MPS framework and you will find it easier to digest the book.
Great book This book is written in a very accessible way. I’ve got it when I was on a beginners level and had no problems in reading it. It introduces MPS and has several illustrations and examples to help you comprehend what is being read. It’s a very good reference point to anyone starting or even using MPS.