This page offers a list of the lab pre-prints posted to and/or PeerJ. We only archive manuscripts as pre-prints when we believe they are of strong quality. We do so in the hope that we will get feedback that will help address questions, suggestions or concerns from other members of the scientific community. We also post manuscripts as pre-prints to give others access to the information as soon as we think it can be useful. In some cases, we hope that these exchanges could be more efficient than typical peer-review (which nowadays can last 1+ year(s) per manuscript). We’d like to hear what you think about these manuscripts and will consider all suggestions and requests for clarifications that can help strengthen a manuscript.

[1] Fabien Campagne, William ER Digan, Manuele Simi MetaR: simple, high-level languages for data analysis with the R ecosystem 

[2] Jason P Kurs, Manuele Simi, Fabien Campagne NextflowWorkbench: Reproducible and Reusable Workflows for Beginners and Experts