In the lab, we often want to show analyses we do with MetaR or NextflowWorkbench to others who may not be familiar with MPS. These analyses are written with MPS and others have to install MPS on their machine before they can look at them. It probably takes 5 minutes to download and install MPS on a modern computer with good network, but this is still too slow when somebody just wants to have a look at some new technology.

We’ve developed the prototype of a tool, called Circles, that makes it easier to show analyses done with MPS on the web. Once models are published to the web, you can see them in the web app, or even embed a Circles page directly in another web page. For instance, the following shows a MetaR analysis published to Circles:

You can access the web app directly at and search for content, or share links to your published models with others. Here’s a link to the NextflowWorkbench Process called Sample_KallistoCountsWithTuples.

You can publish your own MPS models to Circles. See Publishing instructions on the Circles project page.

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