The latest version is bdval_latest and requires Sun Java 1.6+.

Binary Distribution


BDVal for MPS Sample Projects 39.49 KB 146 downloads


BDVal Distribution (release 1.2) 156.98 MB 201 downloads

    Complete binary distribution with tutorial

    Follow BDVal development

    • Browse the GitHub repository.
    • Follow these steps to contribute to the project:
      1. Fork the project on GitHub. This step will enable you to send us pull requests with your contributions:
      2. Clone your fork (replace <your-github-id> as needed to point to the fork).
      git clone<your-github-id>/bdval.git
      3. Commit changes to your repository.
      4. Initiate a pull-request. We will review your changes before we incorporate them into the main repository.

    BDVal user forum

    • Search the BDVal user  forum.
    • The forum is a Google Group. You may subscribe to the group and opt in to receive digests.