This mode evaluates an array of performance measures by cross-validation. Performance measures implemented are Area under the ROC curve (AUC), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE),  Accuracy (ACC),  Specificity, Sensitivity and Matthews Correlation Coefficient (MCC).

It is implemented by

Mode Parameters

The following options are available in this mode.

Flag Arguments Required Description
--cv-repeatscv-repeatsnoNumber of cross validation repeats. default=1 (does one round of cross-validation). Values larger than one cause the cross validation to be repeated and results averaged over the rounds. (default: 1)
(-f|--folds)foldsyesNumber of cross validation folds.
--submission-filesubmission-filenoThe MAQC-II submission file to create. Please note that this file lacks some columns required for MAQCII submission. These columns must be created manually in excel. (default: -)
--other-measuresother-measuresnoA list of performance measures to evaluate and report in the maqcii file. These measures will be appended at the end of the columns, after the official maqcii submission columns. (default: )
--labellabelnoA string that the type of model construction process used to generate the models.
--binarybinarynoIndicates that binary decision values (-1/+1) should be used to evaluate the binary flavor of evaluation measures in addition to the traditional evaluation measures. (default: false)