This mode compares the distribution of each feature used in a set of specific biomarker models and outputs a summary statistic for each model processed. Distribution differences are quantified for feature in the same way as distributionDifferenceByFeatureMode. Summary statistics are calculated for each model. P-values are summarized with the Stouffer approach. Rank ratio statistics are summarized as an average of rank ratio across all features in a model.

It is implemented by

Mode Parameters

The following options are available in this mode

Flag Arguments Required Description
--pvalues-filepvalues-fileyesThe pvalues file generated with signal-quality-pvalues mode.

signal-quality-calc-classyesFully qualified classname for an AbstractSignalQualityCalculator class.
--extended-output extended-outputyesIf true, extra output will be included. (default: false)

Stouffer, S. A., Suchman, E. A., DeVinney, L. C., Star, S. A., & Williams, R. M., Jr. (1949). The American soldier: Adjustment during army life (Vol. 1). Princeton, NJ:  Princeton University Press.