This mode is used to perform feature selection with min/max statistics. For each feature, we determine the minimum and maximum feature values in the positive and in the negative class. We refer to these values as minL0, minL1, maxL0 and maxL1. We evaluate the quantity (maxL1-maxL0)/(minL1-minL0) and rank features by this quantity.

It is implemented by

Mode Parameters

The following options are available in this mode

Flag Arguments Required Description
--ratio rationoThe Min/Max value used as threshold. Default Min/Max>=5.
--min-max-observationsmin-max-observationsnoThe number of min/max elements to observe to compute Min/Max statistics. (default: 1)
--output-gene-listn/anoWrite features to the output in the tissueinfo gene list format.
--report-max-probesreport-max-probesnoRestrict output to the top ranked probes. This option works in conjunction with ratio and can further restrict the output.