Circles is a way to publish and view MPS-authored programs and data analyses in a web browser. You can view programs and analysis in MPS, but sometimes it is convenient to show the code in a web browser. Circles lets you do this easily.

Here’s a snapshot of a MetaR analysis published to Circles and viewed in a browser:



To view content previously published to Circles, just point your web browser to and browse the content. If you find something interesting, copy the URL and share it with others. They only need a web browser to view the same content.


To publish code authored in JetBrains MPS, you will need to have MPS installed on your machine. You will also need to install the MPSWebPublisher plugin. This plugin depends on org.campagnelab.background 1.2.0+ and org.campagnelab.Editor2PDF 1.2.4+ plugins. If you previously installed these plugins, make sure to upgrade them, if not, the MPSWebPublisher plugin will automatically install their latest versions. The plugin adds a few menu items under the MPS Code menu that let you publish projects, solutions, languages and the nodes that they contain. Before you can use these options, please use this form to obtain credentials to the Circles database. We’ll send you a URL that you need to paste in the MPS Preferences (under Other Options > Publisher).

Learning More

You can learn more about the MPS Language Workbench with our books, or on the official JetBrains MPS site.


Circles is currently a very simple prototype. The project is open-source and has two parts, both available on GitHub:

We welcome contributions from the community. Please contact us on gitter if you are interested in contributing to this project:

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