The change log of the project is listed below. You can also view change logs for previous versions:

Goby 2.0 to 2.3.6 [July 2012 to Oct 2016]

Goby 1.0 to [Jan 2010 to Jun 2012]

Release 3.1 [Dec 2016]

– Reorganize model prediction to facilitate installing new versions of the variationAnalysis jars.

Goby 3.1 is now compatible with variationanalysis 1.1.1.

– Replace models with versions trained with variationanalysis 1.1.1.

– Add somatic mutation models trained with whole genome data (ICGC GoldSet).

Release 3.0.0 [Oct 2016]

– Support reading BAM alignments directly with Goby APIs.

– Support probabilitic models for calling somatic variations, trained with deep learning.