This mode is used to split a FASTA/FASTQ file into multiple parts. It is primarily used for splitting FASTA into multiple chunks for Eland with a maximum number of entries per file and one read length per file. It is implemented by

Mode Parameters

The following options are available in this mode

(-i|--input)inputyesThe file to split.
--max-reads-per-filemax-reads-per-filenoThe maximum number of reads written to a single output file.
--split-reads-modsplit-reads-modnoThe number of read lengths for a file, if 1 each read length will get it’s own file. If 50, a file will be generated for read lengths 1-50, another for 51-100, etc.
--split-max-lengthsplit-max-lengthnoSpecify the maximum read length to give its own file