GobyWeb uses a back-end database to store metadata about samples, jobs and results. This GobyWeb file defines the access to the database.


It is located under the ${WEBSERVER_HOME}/webapp/gobyweb_home/conf/ directory.


Since GobyWeb is built on  Grails and Java technologies, setting up a data source requires some knowledge of JDBC. If you use a database other than H2 or Oracle you need a JDBC driver. Drivers typically come in the form of a JAR archive.

The class name of the JDBC driver:

  • driverClassName = “class”

The JDBC URL of the database

  • url = “connection string”

Their values depend on the DBMS used as back-end. For example, in our production and development instances, we use Oracle with the following settings:

  • driverClassName = “oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver”
  • url = “jdbc:oracle:thin:@HOSTNAME:PORT:INSTANCE”

The remaining two settings are the username and password  needed to access to the database instance:

  • username = “USERNAME”
  • password = “PASSWORD”