2.5.1 (Aug 19 2015)

  • Migration to java 7.
  • Make artifact-server option optional. This allows to use a local plugins repository.

2.5.0 (Jul 16 2015)

  • Add depend-on option. It allows to indicate execution dependencies among different submissions.
  • Integration with filesets library 1.3.1 to create metadata aggregation before executing tasks and analyses.
  • Add dieIfEmpty function to check if an empty variable requires to terminate the job.

2.4.0 (Apr 18 2014)

  • Integration with Filesets library 1.2.0
  • Introduce mandatory and optional artifacts for different job phases
  • Support analyses with a single group
  • Publish a JOB METADATA fileset instance for each job successfully executed
  • Add API version of FileSetManager and ClusterGateway

2.3.1 (Dec 6 2013)

  • Improve error reporting when plugin definitions are loaded
  • Expose PLUGIN_VERSION variable to all plugin scripts
  • If no cardinality is specified in config.xml for as slot in an executable plugin, it is assumed to be mandatory and accept one instance of the slot’s fileset
  • Various bugs fixed in OGE wrapper scripts

2.3 (Sep 11 2013)

  • Simulate artifacts, needs and SDK environments in plugins-view-job-env
  • Create a map file in oge_job_script to make the OGE variables visible to NYoSh-based plugins
  • Refactor ClusterGatewaySimulator to be an also invoked as API
  • Fix additivity properties in Log4J configuration

2.2 (Jul 8 2013)

  • Add FileSet Browser
  • Add command for visualizing the job environment
  • Integration with FileSet library 1.1

2.1 (Jun 28 2013)

  • First release bundled as Plugins SDK
  • Add two new types of plugin: Task and FileSet
  • Submission of Aligners and Alignment Analyses as Jobs on OGE
  • Local and remote installation of Resources with artifacts
  • Local and remote submission of Tasks as Jobs
  • Registration/editing/unregistration of FileSet instances
  • Integration with FileSet library 1.0
  • Migration to BitBucket

2.0 (Apr 16 2013)

  • Support library for GobyWeb: load and validate plugin configurations
  • Supported plugin types: resource, aligner, alignment analysis
  • Split plugin.xsd in smaller schemas, one per each Plugin type
  • New class hierarchy for Configs