To install a Resource and its Artifacts, use the command plugins-submit-job with the following syntax:

plugins-submit-job \
--job-area JOB_AREA_LOCATION \
--fileset-area FILESET_AREA_LOCATION \
--owner OWNER \
--env-script ENV_SCRIPT_FILE \
--repository REPOSITORY_DIR \
--artifact-server SERVER \
--resource RESOURCE_ID


  • FILESET_AREA_LOCATION must be relative to the Resource installation side. If the area is visible from the filesystem of the compute node where the resource is going to be installed (identified by the JOB_AREA_LOCATION), the location must be a local path.
  • ENV_SCRIPT_FILE is the path to a script to initialize the plugin environment. A sample script is available in templates/artifact-config/
  • REPOSITORY_DIR is a directory that holds the artifact repository on the deployment machine.
  • SERVER is the host name of the server where to the artifacts installation scripts are located (under REPOSITORY_DIR).
  • RESOURCE_ID is the identifier of the resource plugin as specified in its description file (config.xml). The identifier must be in the format ID:VERSION or ID (in this latter case, the latest version is considered for installation).
  • ENV_SCRIPT_FILE is the location of the environment hook script. When using GobyWeb plugins, you should indicate PLUGIN_ROOT_LOCATION/artifacts-config/


Let’s assume we want to test the installation of the SAMTOOLS resource (provided in the GobyWeb plugin GitHub repository). We will install this resource on the local machine. The resource installation job will be stored under the JOB_DIR folder (to be created in the home directory of the user).

plugins-submit-job --job-area ~/JOB_DIR --fileset-area ~/FILESETS --owner campagne --plugins-dir ${PLUGINS_ROOT_LOCATION} --env-script ${PLUGINS_ROOT_LOCATION}/artifacts-config/ --repository REPO --artifact-server MY_HOST --resource SAMTOOLS

To install this resource on a remote server instead, you would enter:

plugins-submit-job --job-area user@host:/home/JOB_DIR --fileset-area user@host:/home/FILESETS --owner campagne --plugins-dir ${PLUGINS_ROOT_LOCATION} --env-script ${PLUGINS_ROOT_LOCATION}/artifacts-config/ --repository REPO --artifact-server MY_HOST --resource SAMTOOLS

The only change between local and remote resource installation is the user@host: syntax for job  and fileset areas.

If you needed to install a version of SAMTOOLS other than the latest version, you would use –resource SAMTOOLS:version, where version is a version number for a GobyWeb SAMTOOLS resource plugin.