JOB_AREA_LOCATION determines where a Job is physically executed. If a local directory is indicated, the Job is executed locally. If a remote directory is indicated, the Job is executed on the remote compute node.


  • to refer a local directory, use the PATH of the directory as value. An absolute path is preferable, especially as a reference for the user. If a relative path is specified, it is created under the current working directory
  • to refer a remote directory, the value must be in the form of username@hostname:/PATH. This requires a password-less connection with the hostname

In both cases, if PATH does not exist, it is created the first time a plugins command tries to access it. Once populated, the directory has a structure similar to the following:









Under PATH, there exists a sub-directory for each owner that ever submitted at least one Job. And, for each owner, there is a sub-directory named with the tag assigned to the Job containing the Job files, logs files and the files produced during the Job execution.