Starting to use the GobyWeb Plugins SDK is easy. All it is needed is to download the latest distribution and configure the local environment, as follows.

To download the latest versions of the SDK, click on the link below.


plugins-sdk-2.6.1 71.44 MB 38 downloads


plugins-sdk-2.4.0 60.38 MB 109 downloads


plugins-sdk-2.3 60.36 MB 154 downloads


    See the Change Log for details about each version.

    After the download, uncompress the archive as follows:

    • tar -zxvf plugins-sdk-VERSION.tar.gz

    This creates the following files and directories:

     $ plugins-sdk-VERSION
           |  |--plugins-*
           |   |--plugins-sdk.jar

    The bin folder includes the plugins commands, the config includes a configuration files used by the plugins commands, the lib folder includes the software library and the templates folder includes some stubs scripts that can be used as basis for developing new plugins.

    The only required installation step is to configure the command line interface. Please note that PluginsSDK is provided without any GobyWeb plugins. You can obtain the current set of GobyWeb 2 plugins from GitHub. After you have cloned the repository, you have to switch the repository to branch plugins-SDK. Then, you can specify these plugins as a PLUGINS_ROOT_LOCATION argument to many PluginsSDK commands.

    After download and configuration, see the tutorials linked from the project home page (right panel).