Starting from version 2.2, it is possible to access to the information related to a FileSet instance given its tag (returned by a registration or found in the job log files).

The following example shows how to access to the information of an instance with a tag KXMFIMY:

plugins-list-fileset \
--fileset-area FILESET_AREA_LOCATION \
--owner gobywebpaper \
--output-format table \

This prints out a table with a header (explaining the information reported in each column) and a single row with the information requested like this:

TAG    	INSTANCE OF                   	BASENAME                                                    	SIZE (in bytes)     	ATTRIBUTES
KXMFIMY	LUCENE_INDEX                  	LTXHRTT-contaminants                                        	43122               	GENOME_REFERENCE_ID=1000GENOMES.37,ORGANISM=homo_sapiens,TABLENAME=contaminants,BASENAME=LTXHRTT-contaminants,GENERATED_BY=LTXHRTT