The GobyWeb Plugins SDK offers a utility to visualize plugin dependencies. The following example shows how to view the dependencies of the GSNAP_GOBY plugin, version 1.1 and the result of running the command.

plugins-dependency-tree --plugins-dir PLUGIN_ROOT_LOCATION --id GSNAP_GOBY:1.1
ALIGNER/GSNAP (Goby output) (1.1) num-rules: 0, num-needs: 11
	|-RESOURCE/GobyWeb server side tools (2.1)
	|	|-RESOURCE/Groovy language (2.0.6)
	|	|-RESOURCE/Fetch and cache URL content (1.2)
	|	|	|-RESOURCE/Library of Functions for the Bash Shell (1.0)
	|-RESOURCE/GSNAP with Goby support (2012.05.23)
	|-RESOURCE/Illumina adapters (1.0)
	|-RESOURCE/Extract Non-matching Reads (2012.06.25)
	|	|-RESOURCE/Goby (20130415153706)