Downloading alignment files from GobyWeb is useful to perform more advanced and/or custom analyses. For instance, Goby alignment files can be downloaded and viewed with IGV.

When viewing an Alignment you can download individual files or all of the files for a single alignment. However, it is often desirable to download the files from multiple alignments in a single step (this is especially useful if your experiment includes alignments for tens of samples). To do this, select “Package alignments for download” from the Actions menu.

When Packaging Alignments for Download

  1. Select the alignments from the “Your Alignments” list (these are ordered with your mostly recently created alignments at the top of the list). You can double click on an Alignment or click the (move right) button to place the selected Alignment in the “Alignments to Package for Download” list.
  2. Select which file types you want packaged.
  3. Click “Create” to start the process of creating the package. You will be taken to the “Show Alignments Packaged for Download” page.