Twease is a web-based tool to search Medline (you can access the web app at http://twease.apps.campagnelab.org). Twease indexes each word of Medline, supports relevance or chronological searches, helps you find articles related to a set of articles of interest and provides many more features that can transparently expand your search to help find you the information you are looking for.

Since we distribute the source code under the GPL license, you are welcome to reuse or extend the Twease application in any way you like.


Twease has its own tutorial and help system built into the web site. Additional materials relating to the comparative evaluation of Twease and PubMed can be found here.

  1. queries.xml – All query terms and associated PMIDs
  2. eval-judgments-and-results.zip – Evaluation judgments and results [Zip archive]
  3. Evaluation.xls – Raw data for Precision/recall evaluation of Twease and PubMed [Excel format]

You may download the source code, but will need a full fledged software development environment (JDK1.5+, Ant 1.6+). By downloading this distribution, you agree to the terms of the Gnu General Public License.

Twease is developed using the following libraries / tools

  • MG4J (2.0.1 with ICB modifications)
  • FastUtil (5.0.9)
  • Textractor
  • Tapestry (4.0.2)
  • Apache Commons
  • Prototype.js (1.4.0)
  • Yahoo UI

The latest development snapshot of the source code archived on August 2nd, 2006 is available for download. This version requires JDK 1.5+.

If you find this software useful, please let us know in a quick email (see contact info).